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Wings establishes partnership with Tennis Serves Others

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Stating in May of 2017, Wings will be working closely with a nonprofit organization called Tennis Serves Others. Tennis Serves Others is a nonprofit organization that supports other nonprofit organizations. After going through an interview and competition to get the grant, Tennis Serves Others chose Wings for Crossover as a nonprofit organization to support for the 2017 year.

At Crossover, finding sustainable sources of income is a difficult challenge. The aquaponic system produces food and some income for the Crossover community, but it is not enough to fully sustain Crossover. After extensive research, and considering limited options, Wings decided to put some effort into building a herd of cows at Crossover. Near their campus, there is a giant open pasture. Cows can be purchased and branded for identification purposes, then are allowed to roam freely on the pasture. Those cows can provide milk, cheese, and butter, but they can also multiply and be sold at the nearby market. We believe, with a herd of 12-15 cows, and the aquaponics system, that Crossover will become fully sustainable.  Tennis Serves Others is going to help us meet that goal.

Given the state of the dorm project, and the prospect of adding a herd of cows, Wings will have accomplished the major goals. The students have a state of the art school (for the region), a safe place to call home, and the means to sustainably move forward. Crossover will be a beacon of hope an inspiration in a region of the world that really needs both.


UPDATE 2020: The photo on their main webpage is Tennis Serves Others reps handing a check to Mia Conti. Mia led the campaign to help secure the generous donation. As of the end of 2020, the herd had grown to 41 cows and it serves as a key part of the overall plan.

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