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Skyvision Shortlisted for prestigious AfricaCom Award (for continued support of Crossover)

In 2013, Skyvision donated the satellite dish currently in use at Crossover International Academy. The dish and service allow Crossover to access online learning programs and they allow Crossover to collaborate with us for meaningful educational experiences. In addition, we are able to Skype, fundraise, and be in constant communication because of the satellite. It is a lifeline for Crossover.

In the beginning of October (2014), Skyvision agreed to donate a second year of service to Crossover. Their gift is incredibly powerful in helping shape the future of the children at Crossover. For their efforts, Skyvision has been shortlisted for the “Changing Lives” award given at the AfricaCom awards. This year, the 7th annual AfricaCom Awards are November 13, 2014 in Cape Town South Africa. The awards are given to companies that promote digital excellence in Africa.

The AfricaCom Awards website describes the awards below by stating “The AfricaCom Awards 2014 will reflect the creativity and vibrancy in delivering effective solutions to market challenges such as quality of service and network improvement. Compelling customer experiences and inspiring marketing campaigns will be recognized. We expect some excellent breakthroughs in LTE and improved smart phone experiences. And as always the personality of the year and the changing lives categories will celebrate individuals and initiatives contributing to social and economic development.”

A big thank you goes out to Skyvision for their continued support of our mission. Good luck at the award ceremony!

The team at Wings for Crossover

To learn more about the award click here.

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