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Mission Complete! Dorms are functioning nicely!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

It is with great excitement that Wings for Crossover provides this update. Over the last month (October 2017), the boys and girls dorms were completed. That project is the final phase of major construction at Crossover. There is now a lower and middle school with nine classrooms, a Kindergarten classroom and dorms for the boys and girls. The students at Crossover are now fully safe. They continue to excel in the classrooms as well. Crossover continues to be the best school in the Eastern Volta Region of Ghana.

Going forward, they will still need our help with technology, school supplies, hygienic supplies, and medical supplies. We hope, one day, that the entire campus will be self sufficient. Right now, they are very close!

We greatly appreciate the help from so many wonderful donors along the way! THANK YOU to everyone that has contributed!! We really appreciate the support.

UPDATE: The dorms have been fully functional since 2017. Students have a safe place to live and study in the evening. Crossover has a system where the older students serve and mentors and "Big brothers and sisters" to the little ones. The system helps young arrivals get use to the surroundings. They also see examples of how "education is emancipation," and they develop the work ethic needed.

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