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Indoor Dining-Fully complete as of late 2020

Updated: Feb 2

Below is a look at the dining hall just as it was finished in the fall of 2020. Indoor dining was a big improvement over sitting outside while eating, especially on rainy days. Crossover has also served as a local meeting place for educational leaders. This structure has been used for conferences.

Below is the 2/3rds done patio for the dining hall. The stoves will be here.

Below is the hallway to the lower school.

The new indoor cooking area.

The area above is the area just outside the dining hall. It is covered and it will be a lot better for the women that cook at Crossover. You can see the dorms in the background.

The women will now be able to make banku, the staple food, in the main dining hall. That spares them cooking in the searing sun and the rain. Making banku takes a big effort.

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