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Cows Continue to Provide Needed Income

Updated: Feb 2

Food and income are not easy to generate in Ghana. So, Wings applied for a donation from a nonprofit called Tennis Serves Others. We are able to gain their support through interviews and a presentation where we ultimately won the donation from among many nonprofits. Tennis Serves Others gave a nice donation that led to the purchase of 14 cows and 3 bulls. Over time, the cows will multiply and can be sold for income. Additionally, the cows provide a source of food for Crossover. The cows represent a much needed asset in Crossover’s quest to become fully sustainable. UPDATE: The herd continues to grow and be an important part of the overall plan at Crossover. Near the end of 2020, the herd had grown to 41 cows. The plan allows a source of income when needed and that is especially important during the Covid. Below are photos of the herd in 2020.

Crossover currently has 256 students. All of them are orphans and virtually all of them are making the most of their opportunities at Crossover. A big thanks to everyone at Tennis Serves Others!

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Wings for Crossover, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was founded in June of 2013. After a visit to the school in the Lake Volta region of Ghana, co-founders Jim Conti and Chad Cooper committed themselves to helping the students at Crossover.


Since the founding, the organization has grown and it has successfully begun to meet the stated objectives.


T: 714-743-3447

E: jconti@wingsforcrossover.org