Major Supporters & Donors

Major Supporters

Chad Cooper

Claude Yacoel

Jim Conti

Jeff Goffman

Tom Ferry

Pam and Dave Harvey

Valerie Harelson

Brittany Thornback

Mia Conti

Cliff and Mary Amsden

David Conti

Remy and Jason Carl

Many teachers at the Pegasus School


The companies and individuals below donated their products or services to help the children at Crossover International Academy. Our projects are not possible without corporate support. A huge thanks to all supporters!

CrossPoint Church

In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 CrossPoint church contributed in very meaningful ways. They fully funded the Kindergarten building, were instrumental in the building of fences, they helped with the dorms, they heled supply beds and facilities, and they help supply the school with much need supplies every year. Each year, Ralph and Rob contibute to the Crossover community and we are so grateful for their generosity.

The Pegasus School

The Pegasus School has done shared projects with the students at Crossover and students at Pegasus have coordinated several donation drives. Computers, e-readers, clothes, school supplies, and lots of good will have been shared by the Pegasus School. In addition, many of the major donors and contributors to the projects have come from The Pegasus School. 

Champlain Investment Partners, LLC

In 2019-2020 Champlain Investment Partners financed the dinning hall and kitchen area. The project hit some delays due to weather and political unrest but the dining hall is now functional. It was a team effort through a series of donations by Champlain Investment employees and matching contributions that made the dining hall possible. That you Rusty!

Tennis Serves Others

In 2017, Tennis Serves Others chose Wings for Crossover as their charity to support for the year. The made a large donation that went to the purchase of cows. The herd grazes on land nearby and has successfully become a part of the overall plan at Crossocer. By the end of 2020, the herd of cows had grown slightly faster than we had expected. The cows provide a much needed source income.

Tom Ferry

Thanks to Tom Ferry’s efforts and support in 2013 we raised nearly $19,000!  Tom Ferry is a renowned motivational speaker and business coach focused on helping real estate professionals reach their fullest potential.  Every year thousands of professionals from around the world meet in Southern California for Tom’s largest event of the year – the Success Summit.  Through this platform attendees learn about Wings for Crossover and are able to purchase items with all proceeds benefiting the charity.  The money raised during the 2013 Summit alone allowed Wings for Crossover to purchase land in Ghana and begin construction on a much-needed school and sleeping accommodations for the children.


Tom Ferry’s 2014 Success Summit took place in Anaheim, CA August 5-8. Tom’s team at the Summit raised awareness and helped coordinate donations of nearly $20,000 again! The attendees of the Summit were friendly and enthusiastic about supprting Wings for Crossover. This year’s campaign contributed to the final stages of construction of the elementary and middle school classrooms. Tom Ferry and the attendees of the Success Summit over the last two years have been instrumental in helping Wings for Crossover complete the first phase of construction. 

Tom has continued to be a major supporter throughout the year at Wings for Crossover. Thank you Tom!

Skyvision is a leading provider of satellite internet and telecommunication services. Their services have allowed for Crossover to be connected to the internet. That connection facilitates education through the use of online educational programs and by allowing Crossover access to valuable programs likes Skype, which allows for gloabl collaborative projects. In 2013, Skyvision donated the internet service to go along with the satellite dish. They graciously agreed to donate a second year of service in 2014.

Since 2014, and through 2020, Skyvision service has continued to provide service to the satellite every year. 

Skyvision’s generousity is a vital lifeline for the community at Crossover International Academy.  Read their press release below.


In July of 2013, iDirect Corporation donated a satellite dish that allows the students at Crossover high speed internet access. With that access, the students can use programs like Khan Academy and PRO reading. Students can also work on shared projects with students in the US.

Hurley International

Through the Hurley H2O program, Crossover received 5 water purification filters. The filters successfully block a host of waterborne diseases, including cholera and dysentery, that used to plague the kids at Crossover.

Solve International– Through training and collaboration, Solve International has helped establish a large scale aquaponic system at Crossover. The aquaponic system provides a sustainable form of food and income at Crossover.


Unicorn Sports

 In 2013, Unicorn Sports donated 50 pair of soccer cleats. Those cleats were needed for the students at Crossover to compete in interscholastic competitions.

Agape Apparel

 In June of 2013, Agape Apparel donated 50 T-shirts. Those shirts were later sold. Proceeds went to school supplies for Crossover.

Ei-Lo Apparel

In April 2013, Ei-Lo Apparel donated 200 soccer uniforms and boxes of T-shirts. The uniforms were also required for interscholastic soccer competitions.