Visit to Crossover-We could use your help

Dear Wings supporters,

On March 29th, Jim will be visiting the new school at Crossover. There will be a ceremony to officially open the school and it will be a time to celebrate our accomplishments to date. We would like your help in trying to provide the following items for the trip.

1. “Gently used” laptops and iPads.

2. Advil and first aid supplies.

3. Donations for desks. $30 buys a desk in the classroom. Please consider the gift of a desk.

If you have items that you would like to donate, please contact either Jim or Chad at or



2014-12-30 15.42.33

Jim Jr. enjoying the new facilities at Crossover

2015-01-20 08.47.19

The classrooms are finished, almost….we just need some desks!







The well is providing water and improved sanitary conditions on campus.