Students Shine at Tom Ferry Real Estate Convention

The week of August 4-8th a group of dedicated, hard-working students put out a fantastic effort for Wings for Crossover. A student team that included Michael Ferry, Steven Ferry, Jacob Cooper, Savannah Cooper, and Katelyn Harvey worked the entire week to tell the story of Crossover and raise funds for Wings. They were very articulate and successful all week! The money raised will help finish the classrooms and continue with the later stages of phase 1 of construction. A huge thank you to all the students for all of their hard work and to all the people that donated throughout the week! It was a wonderful event.

Below: Steven, Jacob, and Katelyn strategize at the booth.









Below: Steven, Michael, Savannah and Jacob throw shirts after speaking to a crowd of 3500 people to promote Crossover!

2014-08-08 09.12.28









Below: Savannah and Mia, having a good time at the event.









Below is a link to the video shown at the event.