New Aquaponic System

This week, a new more hearty aquaponic system will begin operation at the new Crossover site.

Below, you can see the grow beds. To the left, the beds will be used for traditional dirt farming where they will grow carrots, garlic, and beats. In the aquaponic grow beds, they will grow tomatoes, French beans, and chili peppers. The veggies will be used to supplement the traditional meal of banku, which is a mixture of cassava and corn dough. Hopefully, students at Crossover will enjoy more healthy meals again soon.

Cement grow beds and fish tank








The photo below shows the cement fish tank. It is partitioned into two sections so that harvests can be done twice a year.

2015-11-06 12.34.46







Below is a view of the system and the school. Within the next couple of months, food production will begin in earnest. The students at Crossover are learning how to manage the system as part of their education. We hope to achieve food sustainability in the not too distant future. Thank you for all of your continued support and interest!

2015-11-06 12.36.51