A Huge Success at Information Night!


On Saturday March 29th, the Wings for Crossover nonprofit organization hosted its first ever informational night. Through this event, families learned of the unfortunate past of the teachers and students of Crossover, the present condition of its student body, and its the ever-so-bright future

Jim Conti, co-founder and board member of Wings for Crossover discussed the amazing achievements completed thus far by previous generous donations. Jim spoke about designing and running the aquaponic system. In short time, the system will produce over 4,000 vegetables for the students and faculty to eat and/or sell.

Chad Cooper, co-founder and board member, discussed the need for continued support to Crossover International Academy. Chad spoke of his visit there and the experience he had that would lead him to join Jim Conti in the journey to provide basic necessities for the students.

Claude Yacoel, also a board member, ┬áspoke of the exciting architectural plans that would remove the students from harsh living conditions and provide them with safe and secure dormitories and classrooms. And former Pegasus student and Wings for Crossover enthusiast, Katelyn Harvey, shared that although she participates in other charities, Wings for Crossover has provided her with the opportunity to actually see her efforts unfold. Together they shared not only their inspirational, personal stories but their ideas for Crossover International’s future, from the structural buildings to addressing the issue of hunger through an aquaponics system.

That night, several families joined the cause and pledged to help Crossover International become a structurally sound, food abundant school were the students will have a safe, nurturing and healthy place to learn, grow and succeed.

A million thanks to everyone that came and supported the cause.