First Fruit

Last week, another milestone happened at Crossover International Academy. They began harvesting the first tomatoes. The image below shows Dave’s youngest son, Jim jr., enjoying the first tomato harvest from the aquaponic system.

2014-06-26 07.00.47










Below you can see tomato plants in the aquaponic system. Currently, there are 253 kids at Crossover International Academy. All of them are enjoying a form of tomato soup for their daily meals. In addition, they are harvesting cabbage and lettuce. Dave says that the kids don’t like the lettuce nearly as much as the tomatoes. Each tomato can also be sold for 1 Ghanaian Cedi or about 40 cents. The harvest has so far been sufficient enough to allow the kids to eat and it allows for some profit from tomato sales. Going forward, Crossover plans to reach out to hotels and restaurants to offer organic tomatoes for sale. They hope to establish a market of tomatoes, where tomatoes are ready in the off season. That will increases sales revenue. Crossover is inching towards a more sustainable future