Construction Update from Crossover

Below you can see 9 images of the construction currently happening at Crossover International Academy (photos taken 10-15-14).  In the next couple of weeks, the roof will go on and they will inch towards completion of the structures. Dave is hoping to have the structures mostly complete by the end of October. The progress is simply amazing and a heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you that have helped make this dream a reality. When the structures are complete, the next steps will include the following…..

-The electricity, which will include mounting a sub transformer, meters, wiring, fans, lights, etc.

-Boring water hole to supply potable water to the whole campus, through overhead poly tanks connected to pipe lines, without a monthly bill and no quantity restriction.

-Construction of two sets of ten-sitter toilets (boys and girls), plus baths. -Furniture for all classrooms and foam beds/mats to sleep on at night.

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