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Food and income are not easy to generate in Ghana. So, Wings applied for a grant from a nonprofit called Tennis Serves Others. We are able to gain their support. Tennis Serves Others gave a nice donation that led to the purchase of 14 cows and 3 bulls. Over time, the cows will multiply and […]

Mission Complete!

It is with great excitement that Wings¬†for Crossover provides this update. Over the last month, the boys and girls dorms were completed. That project is the final phase of construction at Crossover. There is now a lower and middle school with nine classrooms, a Kindergarten classroom and dorms for the boys and girls. The students […]

Wings establishes partnership with Tennis Serves Others

Stating in May of 2017, Wings will be working closely with a nonprofit organization called Tennis Serves Others. Tennis Serves Others is a nonprofit organization that supports other nonprofit organizations. After going through an interview and competition to get the grant, Tennis Serves Others chose Wings for Crossover as a nonprofit organization to support for […]

Dorm Nearing Completion

It has been a long time coming, but all of the physical structures at Crossover are nearly complete. In 2014-2015, construction was completed on nine full classrooms. Six of the classes are for the lower school and three classrooms are for the middle school. By 2016, a Kindergarten classroom was fully completed. When the Kindergarten […]

Academic Update at Crossover

Good news at Crossover! At the midterm, the students at Crossover took their standardized tests again. They are located in the South Dayi School District in the Eastern Volta Region of Ghana. Crossover continues to lead the region in standardized testing. They lead their region in every category of testing as well. Their students test […]