The aquaponic system is up and running

On March 5 2013, Mr. Yayravi and the staff at Crossover fired the pump on the aquaponic system for the first time. Everything is in good order and the excitement is high. Over the next few weeks, students and staff at Crossover, with the help of the team at Wings for Crossover, will be experimenting with the aquaponic system. The system should sustainably supply lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, and tilapia.

In the coming days, fish will be in the system and Crossover will begin germinating seeds. If things go according to plan, cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes will be produced in large enough quantities to feed all 250 kids those foods on a daily basis.

The system is also large enough to produce excess tomatoes and cabbage which can be sold and traded in local markets. Ideally, the income generated will be used to buy bulk rice, bulk cassava, or bulk maize, and other foods, which will further supplement the diets of the kids at Crossover.

2014-03-01 08.04.04


This image shows the aquaponic system just before the initial start up.


The water is flowing through the system


The first tilapia fingerlings

2014-03-04 09.35.08

The aquaponic system is also now fenced. The fence will keep goats, cows, and any other unwanted visitors out.