Academic News 1

News updates on the activities between the Crossover International Academy and The Pegasus School for the month of October.

1) Crossover International Academy and The Pegasus School will participate in the 4th grade Declamation Day poetry project. Crossover International Academy in particular and Ghana in general have a long history of storytelling and poetry. Students from both schools will identify poetry that they believe represents them, memorize, and then deliver their poems to an audience. Poem declamations will be shared Youtube so the children can see each over and themselves to better their public speaking abilities.


2) Crossover International Academy and The Pegasus School first grade students will learn about tooth stories from different cultures around the world, then share their own tooth stories via Youtube and Skype. Students at both schools will then read the same Anansi the Spider stories.


3) Crossover International Academy and The Pegasus School will jointly host events on International Day of the Girl (October 11, 2013). Students at both schools will research the importance of empowering women globally, then write essays on the topic, and then share their essays with the other schools.  Google Docs will be employed so that students can share and edit their essays. On International Day of the Girl, students on both ends will read their essays and expand their own and each others views on the subject matter.

The Pegasus School and Crossover International Academy