10,000 Bricks and Counting

The work has begun in earnest at Crossover. By the end of the week, the molding of bricks will be finished and the profiling and digging should begin. They are currently waiting for the site planner to send dimensions so the local architect can do his drawing, then its off to the Town Planning Department to get the building permit. Then, construction will being on the schoolhouse structures! Yes, even red tape and bureaucracy in Ghana!!

The image below shows the bricks being formed. The temporary wood shed in the background will house the finished bricks while new bricks are made. The giant poly tank next to the shed is used to house the water used in the formation of bricks.

2014-05-14 07.10.38























It is however, the rainy season. Work is temporarily halted as the rain falls.

2014-05-07 15.23.54






















Below are some of the earliest bricks. They have had a chance to dry out a bit more.

2014-05-06 13.50.00